Insolvency practices

We now work regularly with insolvency practices and solicitors helping them prevent and resolve legal disputes through our forensic accountancy expertise. Our forensic accounting team is highly qualified and knowledgeable in all aspects of forensic accountancy.

Forensic insolvency services may be required where a director or another party has contributed to the failure of a business through negligence, misconduct or misappropriation. In many cases, recovery is not pursued due to a lack of funds however our specialist forensic insolvency team aims to provide a service that is appealing to insolvency practices. Our forensic insolvency accountants will help to pursue a claim in circumstances where clients do not have the resources or experience to follow it up.

Cases where we can help include:

Personal bankruptcy

Individual Voluntary Arrangements

Company Voluntary Arrangements

Insolvent liquidations


Solvent liquidations

Company strike-offs

Whilst we cannot always guarantee recovery, we structure our fees to ensure that costs are kept to a minimum but ensuring a quality and timely service is provided. We will tailor the scope and cost of out forensic insolvency services to suit your needs.

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