Cloud accounting

Cloud accountancy will transform the way that small firms manage their finances and A.C. Hughes offer a full Cloud accounting package to our clients.

Your data is securely stored and processed on our servers, or "in the cloud". This means you are able to access your business financials from anywhere and using any device, as long as you are connected to the internet. Users can access our server and upload information and documents for our usage in providing our services. Clients can also view all the information and the output from the services that we provide to them, for example, management accounts, year end acocunts, Payroll information and tax returns.

The main benefit of cloud accounting is the flexibility of accessing your data from anywhere. In addition, it means that we can collaborate online with clients in real-time and on the same live data, meaning that small businesses can receive simple, jargon-free functionality from our service.

We will also add key dates to your online calendar such as payment due dates and other key dates relevant to your financial year. If you take one of our back office & administration solutions, together with our cloud service, you won't have to worry about having a dedicated office or home office ever again.

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